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Voir Dire and Removal for Cause

Removal for Cause

Jurors who appear through their answers to be prejudiced in some way concerning a matter of importance in the trial can be removed for cause. There is no limit to the number of jurors who can be struck for cause. If, for example, a juror admits that he or she believes that people who have been injured due to the negligence of another person should not be able to sue for their pain and suffering, that juror will be struck from the jury for cause. Or if a juror admits that he or she believes insurance companies should always have to pay, regardless of who caused the accident, that juror will be struck for cause.

After all of the strikes have been utilized, the jury is set and the trial can begin. The jury in personal injury cases consists of active and alternate members. The alternates hear the case, but take part in the deliberations only if an active juror is removed from the jury during the trial for sickness or for some other reason.

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