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Winning Your Personal Injury Claim-Table of Contents

In my book, Winning Your Personal Injury Claim, you will find everything you need to pursue your case w/o a lawyer, or to monitor your lawyer’s performance if that is the route you’ve chosen.  Here is the Table of Contents from my book.

You can reach me at 610 642 7676 if you’d like to discuss your case.



Personal Injury Litigation

War in the Courts

Chapter 1 – What to do After an Accident

At the Scene of the Accident

Emergency Room Treatment

The First Phone Call

Chapter 2 – The Personal Injury Attorney and You – Perfect Together?

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

The Initial Consultation

The Attorney’s Fee Agreement

Can You Handle Your Case Without a Lawyer?

Handling Your Case Without a Lawyer.

Handling Your Lawsuit Without a Lawyer.

Beware the Friendly Insurance Adjuster.

Dissatisfaction with Attorneys

Changing Lawyers

Who Needs Lawyers?

Keeping Your Lawyer on His Toes.

Chapter 3 – The Various Kinds of Injury Cases

Protecting Your Child’s Rights After an Accident

Fall Down Accidents (“Slip and Falls”)

Medical Malpractice

Products Liability

Intentional Injuries

Food Poisoning Cases

Psychological Injuries

Chapter 4 – Medical Treatment for your Injuries

The M. D. v. the Chiropractor

Physical Therapy

“Good Injuries”

Chapter 5 – The Settlement Process

Placing a Monetary Value on an Injury

Alternate Dispute Resolution – Giving Peace a Chance.

Chapter 6 – The Lawsuit Process

The Lawsuit Deadline – Statutes of Limitations

Starting a Lawsuit – Choice of Trials

Choice of Venue

Post-Suit Battles

Chapter 7 – The Discovery Process

Ending the Sneak Attack

Interrogatories and the Request for Production of Documents


The “Independent” Medical Examination

Chapter 8 – The Trial – All Out War

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!

Voir Dire – The Trial Begins                                                                                                   Opening Statements

Your Case

Direct Examination

Cross Examination

Re-direct and Re-cross Examination

Medical Testimony

Loss of Earnings and Earning Capacity

Loss of Consortium

The Burden of Proof

The Defense Case

Comparative Negligence

Assumption of Risk


“I Object, Your Honor”

Closing Argument-The Lawyers’ Last Chance

Jury Instructions and Deliberations

“And the Winner is…”

The Appeal

Chapter 9 – Understanding “Tort Reform” – tough Insurance Choices

Limited Tort v. Full Tort

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Other Coverages

“Tort Reform” -A perspective After Five Years.

Chapter 10 – Insurance Fraud and Other Problems

Ambulance Chasers – They’ll Lie to You Too.

APPENDIX A – Sample Voir Dire Questions

APPENDIX B – Sample Jury Instructions (Points for Charge)

APPENDIX C – Sample Authorization

APPENDIX D – Sample New Client Letter

APPENDIX E – Sample Contingent Fee Agreement

APPENDIX F – Sample opening letter to the insurance company

APPENDIX G – Sample opening letter to the defendant

APPENDIX H – Sample Questions for Depositions, Statements and Trial

APPENDIX I – Sample medical records requests

APPENDIX J – Sample car accident complaint

APPENDIX K – Sample fall down accident complaint

APPENDIX L – Sample discovery motion

APPENDIX M – Sample Interrogatories for a Car Accident Case

APPENDIX N – Sample Interrogatories for a Fall Down Case

APPENDIX O – Sample Request for Production of Documents

APPENDIX P– Sample Client Letter Concerning “Independent” Medical Examinations

APPENDIX Q – Sample Release

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